The following are the blog topics that I intend to research and work on for the next several months. I’m not an expert in all these areas but I am pushing and challenging myself to learn and improve.  If you have any thoughts or suggestions, or if you’re interested in helping/assisting/co-authoring materials, I’d love to hear from you!


Physical Security

Network & Application Security

Wireless Security

Penetration Testing

  • Setting up Kali NetHunter Marshmallow on Nexus 6 (Motorola) (published)
  • Penetration testing with SPARTA (tool)
  • Penetration testing with Armitage (tool)
  • Penetration testing with Kali (distro)
  • Penetration testing with PTES (standard/methodology)
  • Network exploitation with Nexpose and Metasploit
  • Web application exploitation with Burpsuite (started)
  • Recon with Maltego
  • ICS network assessment with SamuraiWTF/SFTU
  • Password cracking with hashcat


  • Disk Forensics with WiebeTech Forensic UltraDock v5 and X-Ways (started – teaser)
  • Memory Forensics with Volatility, Mandiant Redline, and SIFT
  • Reverse Engineering Malware with Remnux (started)

Scripting, Development, and Automation

  • Scripting with Powershell (started)
  • Scripting with Python (started)
  • Automation with AutoIT (started)
  • Debugging code with OllyDebug

Risk Assessment & Management

  • Risk Assessment with ISO27002 (framework)
  • Risk Assessment with NIST (framework)

Information Technology

  • Managing projects with Dradis
  • IT Asset Management with OCS Inventory NG
  • Help Desk with OTRS or osTicket
  • Web Conferencing with BigBlueButton (started)
  • Encryption with GnuPGP
  • Developing Online Courses with Moodle

Cyber Threat Intelligence

  • Threat Intel with STIX, TAXII, and CyberCon

Cloud & Big Data

  • Cloud security with Azure
  • Cloud security with Amazon
  • Big Data with Hadoop

End-User Exploitation

  • End user exploitation with unicorn and PDFs (started)
  • Browser-based exploitation with BeEF

Multimedia & VOIP

  • VoIP PBX with Elastix (started)
  • Streaming multimedia with Plex (started)
  • Streaming multimedia with Raspberry Pi 3 (started – teaser)


  • All weather professional survival backpack (a.k.a bug out bag) (started)

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