My career in technology and security started in the late 90’s where I interned at a State Agency and attended school full time pursuing an Associates degree in Computer Networking. During that time, I took advantage of the opportunity provided to me by pushing the envelope at work introducing new tools and automation, and at the same time, excelling in my academic career helping my instructors teach the curriculum, and then I began pursing professional certifications such as A+ and MCSE so I can increase my body of knowledge. In 2001, I was deeply humbled and honored when I was awarded Computer Networking Student of the Year Award.

I continued advancing my career, education, and certifications for the next decade and half ultimately earning a Masters of Science Degree in Security Technologies from the University Of Minnesota’s Technological Leadership Institute. I worked in the Government, Technology, Retail, Education, and Finance sectors, and earned the OSCE, CISSP, CISM, CISA, OSCP, CEH, MCSE, RHCE certifications. In one of my positions, I spent close to 3 years on the road assessing information security postures of companies of all sizes, sectors, nationally and internationally using ISO 27002 based assessment methodology.  I also spent 3 years teaching IT and Security courses for Bachelor programs where I introduced the use of learning management systems and advanced student labs.

I always try to leverage my multicultural background, education, experience, and future goals to bring innovative, unique, and visionary approach to everything I do. I firmly believe that all the disciplines we have come to know and learn are more interconnected and interdependent than commonly thought. Whether it’s applying systems theory, medicine, engineering, cybernetics, or psychology to IT and security, I think we have a great opportunity to further leverage and capitalize on this knowledge not only to improve our understanding, but to improve the way we assess and manage risk, recruit, train, motivate teams, communicate with our internal/external business partners, make a positive impact on society, politics, and the makeup of our social fabric.

I founded Information Security Consulting LLC (ISCLLC), which is a small part-time security consultancy based in beautiful Minneapolis, MN. I have a great passion for technology, security, helping others, and spend most of my time reading, learning, working on projects, and connecting with professionals to share thoughts and ideas. I have been increasingly focused on and interested in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security for the last few years and plan on continuing doing so for the foreseeable future to help protect public and corporate critical infrastructures. I also volunteer in community related events whenever possible, and am engaged in Diversity & Inclusion activities. My ideal future would be to some day earn a Doctorate degree, get into academics, work on breakthrough research, and have a consulting firm on the side to help pay the bills.

WHO: Intelligent, innovative, dedicated, highly skilled, experienced, trained, and certified Information Security Professional with over 20 years of experience in IT & Security across major industries. I am committed to outstanding performance and customer service

WHAT: I work, blog, share information, collaborate, learn, and always trying to break stuff for some reason. I also perform Assessment & Evaluation services to help SMEs protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their valuable assets from internal and external threats. Get in touch if you’re interested in learning more.

WHERE: I am based in beautiful Minneapolis Minnesota (home of the Vikings), but have travelled around the country and the world, which has been an amazing experience and yielded a wealth of knowledge, great relationships and connections.

WHY: I think there is a wide gap and shortage in technical, security, and critical thinking skills that most organizations need to protect their assets but either can’t find the talent or don’t have the resources to retain such talent. I also see a dire need for consulting services across all industries and organizational sizes around the world to protect against the ever increasing threat landscape not only from sophisticated external attackers, but also from insiders who already have access and deep knowledge of their organization’s weaknesses and defenses. Breaches hurt our businesses, communities, economy, livelihoods, and expose or very personal private information, compromise our finances, and steal our trade secrets. We will do whatever we can within all legal means not to see that happen.

HOW: I utilize and leverage state of the art technologies (software and hardware), resources, methodologies, and frameworks for all the work I do. Examples include DHS CSET, ISO2700X, ASIS, NIST, Kali Linux (fka Backtrack), PwnieExpress, Burpsuite, and Unified Compliance Framework.


OSCE – Offensive Security Certified Expert
OSCP – Offensive Security Certified Professional

CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Professional
CISM – Certified Information Security Manager
CISA – Certified Information Systems Auditor
CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker
MCSE – Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (retired)
RHCE – Redhat Linux Certified Engineer (v9)
A+ – CompTia A+ Certified PC Technician (legacy)

The information contained in this website is for education and collaboration purposes only (unless explicitly indicated otherwise). None of the materials or information represent the opinions of anyone, entity, organization,  or corporation  that I am, or, have ever been, affiliated with at any time including all personal and professional relationships and settings.